Let’s be honest.  There’s a LOT of corkscrews that I would like to have.  There’s even a bunch that I have had, at one time, and kinda regret letting them go.  I figured it might be easiest for others, if I just posted pictures of ones I’m looking for.  It’s also a great way to identify what you might have, and would like to sell me (hint, hint).  These are just some of the corkscrews I wish to collect.  I’m looking for any corkscrew that is plain, wire, marked, mechanical, carved, rusty, painted, silver, with advertising, gold, bone, wood, metal, ornate, big, small or figural.  Know what I’m saying?!

If you’ve got one or some, I’m interested in buying.  Email me at syrocokid@gmail.com

If you’ve got a collection, I’m interested in buying.  Email me at syrocokid@gmail.com

If you’ve got none, check out my CORKSCREWS FOR SALE page.

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Most of these pictures have been collected over the years, from other websites, emails, newsletters, and auctions I’ve seen, and are only used as examples of corkscrews that I’d like to collect. If any collector should find their picture posted and being used in a fashion other than their liking, I would sincerely apologize in advance and promptly remove it from my site.  Please notify me at syrocokid@gmail.com to resolve any issue.